Calm, relaxed, with an inner light that glows, radiating through your eyes we see depth

reflecting your healthy body and still mind. Congruent with how you live your life, you find wellness through Movement

Creating a flow of Movement, releasing Stress, Worry, Anxiety & Pain.

Shen Wellness




Deanne a Natural Health Practitioner for 25 years, works to boost your body’s own healing potential while finding the underlying cause of the stress, pain, and dis-ease she sees every day in her clinic. On onset her client's referred symptoms may be misleading, therefore her aim is to find the path to the underlying problem area and treat the root cause. A preventative approach is optimal, however not often followed by the client alone. 

Together Deanne works with you to identify your true goals, create a plan and find your vision of how you really want to live.

Creating change is not easy on your own, however with a combination of trust, encouragement, and easy-to-follow strategies you will be supported and guided all the way.

Deanne has witnessed the cause of most of her client's complaints are commonly initiated by stress and worry, often leading to anxiety.

A pattern is formed with a lack of time for self, followed by slouched posture an unhealthy diet, and poor lifestyle choices.

With an East meets West fusion of modalities, Deanne uses a holistic & intuitive approach to treating clients, which means the whole body is treated as one. She works with the Naturopathic and Chinese Medicine principles, creating a flow through your body using Functional Movement, Nutrition, Breathwork, and Mindfulness.

Therapies Deanne uses include Medical Qigong, Acupressure, Cupping Meridian Massage, Myofascial Release, Bowen, Reiki, Singing Bowl Therapy, Pilates Functional Movement, Nutrition, and Herbal Medicine.


  • Diploma:                Remedial Massage

  • Diploma:                TCM Acupressure & Meridian Massage

  • Diploma:                Fitness/Personal Training

  • Certification:         Active Over 50s (NSW Health Program)

  • Cert IV:                   Bowen Therapy

  • Cert IV:                   Business Management

  • Cert IV:                   Training & Assessment

  • Certified:                Pilates Instructor

  • Certified:                Tai Chi Instructor

  • Level 3:                  Medical Qi Gong Instructor

  • Level 2:                  Wellness & Life Coach

  • Level 2:                  Reiki

  • Certified:                Hot Stone & Spa Therapies

  • Advanced Diploma:  Naturopathy

  • Advanced Diploma:  Nutritional Medicine

  • Advanced Diploma:  Herbal Medicine / Iridology


Boosting your Body's own Healing Potential

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